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LMS League - 2023-24 - Round 4 (La Liga)

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Results - Gameweek Five


Casualties (1)

Almeria strike again in this thread, finally taking their first win of the La Liga season with a 1-0 success at Las Palmas, who were backed by @Tommy, leading to our only casualty of the weekend.

Bad luck to @Tommy, who dips out with 4 points in this round and an outside chance of a cheeky bonus point depending on how the rest get on next weekend.


Survivors (4)

Real Sociedad were the flavour of the week this time, backed successfully by @Michael, @Lucas and @Stan ahead of their relatively straightforward 2-0 success over Cadiz on Friday night. @Storts was the only person to go a different way this Gameweek with any success, as a first-half brace from Gorka Guruzeta saw Athletic Bilbao overcome Alaves by the same scoreline.

Congratulations to the final four, who will progress to a sixth Gameweek once the international break is out of the way.


Preview - Gameweek Six

We have reached that point now where we have less than 5 players remaining, meaning that the tie break picks come into play in case nobody picks a correct match-winning team. Therefore, please make your three selections as follows.

  • Which team will win (that you haven't already picked once before)?
  • Which player will score a goal (from any fixture)?
  • What will be the time of the first goal in the randomly selected fixture, Girona vs Real Betis?

Below are the fixtures, good luck!

Cadiz vs Granada

Getafe vs Sevilla

Almeria vs Osasuna

Valencia vs Mallorca

Barcelona vs Las Palmas

Celta Vigo vs Rayo Vallecano

Girona vs Real Betis

Alaves vs Real Sociedad

Real Madrid vs Athletic Club

Villarreal vs Atletico Madrid

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56 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

Almeria strike again in this thread, finally taking their first win of the La Liga season with a 1-0 success at Las Palmas, who were backed by @Tommy

Of course. 

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I'm well behind on this again but here is confirmation of the final scores for this round.


9 points (6 correct picks + 3 bonus points) - @Storts

7 points (5 correct picks + 2 bonus points) - @Michael, @Lucas, @Stan

5 points (4 correct picks + 1 bonus point) - @Tommy

2 points (2 correct picks) - @6666, @Pyfish

1 point (1 correct pick) - @nudge, @Viva la FCB, @CaaC (John), @Rucksackfranzose

0 points - @RandoEFC, @Bluewolf, @...Dan, @Dan, @Redcanuck, @Rick


I will get the French round started for next weekend. There are only 4 sets of fixtures left. If we're being honest, there's a very good chance we'll all manage to be eliminated in that time but if not, we'll decide that round with tie breakers in the last weekend. I'll get that started tomorrow.

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