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November 2019 - Member of the Month

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@Dr. Gonzo being promoted to staff paved the way for other members to try and win this now :ph34r:

For November 2019, there was a near-unanimous decision to give the MOTM award to this member. Most of the votes were all gaming-orientated as the games/competitions they run bring a wealth of activity and sensible fun to the TF365 forum. I personally absolutely love taking part in all of the games - they're managed well and it encourages a bit of enjoyment aside from all the seriousness or heated debates in other parts of the forum.

This month's winner took on the reigns of the Sheep game from a previous member and added a bit of a spice to it, making it very difficult at times! All their contributions in the football sections are well thought out and he is fast becoming part of the TF365 furniture here :)

So, congatulations to @Mel81x who is this month's winner!

We managed to get a live video-link to India to catch up with Mel and get a glimpse of the reaction when we gave him the news...


Along with the gaming theme - in 2nd was @Pyfish and in 3rd place was @RandoEFC.

Congratulations to all and keep up the fun stuff :D 

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