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Italy vs Argentina - The 'Finalissima' - Wednesday 1st June, 2022

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Nice. That'll be nice to watch (if we can). 

I reckon this should be a future 'thing'. A European vs South American face-off. 

No issue with this inaugural one being in honour of Maradona. Quite like that, actually. It's fitting that Italy and Argentina won the respective tournaments in order for this to happen so close after his death.

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FIFA were looking at organising a Confederations Cup style game between the two, which you assume would be in Qatar? So they might play each other pretty quickly after the first game. There was already a plan around this sort of thing being touted before the final, I got quite excited about it being Argentina v England or Brazil v Italy to be honest - although avoiding those is probably for the best.


This become a regular game (the Euro-South America thing) would be quite good - although with the continental championships only being played once every 4 years I'd imagine they'd want to find a way to make a more regular match out of this in terms of money generation.


Another sign of the Memorandum of Understanding coming through, be interesting to see how far this goes. Can't imagine sides regularly travelling between the two continents would be too popular. 


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Well, I think if that match against Brazil is any indication... I think Italy are a better team than Brazil, they're both full of world class players. But I don't think they'd struggle to break Argentina down quite as badly as Brazil did in that final. You can never rule Argentina out though, they've got Messi and other talented players of their own.

But good luck to Argentina

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  • The title was changed to Italy vs Argentina - Champions to Face Off
2 hours ago, Danny said:

If only we already had a competition where countries from different continents could play each other....you could call it the world cup of nations or something

But as a one off this is a really nice gesture

I mean the original idea with the Confederations was to test the world cup stadiums before playing it which is being done by the Arab Cup this time round and can be done by Gold Cup for 2026 so it kind of makes sense to scrap it. 


2030 will be in the interesting one. 

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  • The title was changed to Italy vs Argentina - The 'Finalissima' - Wednesday 1st June, 2022
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Soon they’ll add the African nation cup winner and the Asian cup winner to this.  As fifa and Urfa always adding teams to tournaments

After a while the gold cup winner and World Cup winner.  Maybe then the host nation and the ofc cup winner. 

what is old is new again 

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