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Spanish Super Cup - Wednesday 16th August - Real Madrid vs Barcelona (2nd Leg)

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First leg score was 3-1 to Real Madrid. Superb goals from Ronaldo and Asensio before the former got sent off for a push on the ref set up a victory for the Los Blancos. 

I think it'll be the same score tonight funnily enough. Madrid haven't shown much sign of weakness even though Ronaldo has been on the bench recently. Players like Isco and Asensio seem to be making the headlines. 

Can Barcelona turn the tie around? Or will it be plain sailing for Madrid to seal another trophy? 

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Real Madrid would have to have a disastrous game at home for this to be turned around.  There's no chance of that and if Valverde is clever, he'll try a few things out now to see what we have for the first games of the season.

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2 minutes ago, Saturdays Are For The Boys said:

I think Barcelona may figure it out but end score 2-2, be absolutely floored if RM don't hoist the trophy.

I absolutely disagree with this comment but wanted to get you to the ton! xD;)

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6 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

real madrid only spent £3.5m for him. this is going to get ugly for barcelona

Barca were foolish enough to pass up the chance on signing him for about that much as well. 

Just now, El_Loco said:

Am I the only one who thinks Ter Stegen could´ve done better? :o

Yep! Barely attempted to save it. 

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