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Just now, StanLCFC said:

also, I can't show you my snake as I may get my admin rights taken away from me

Have you had an enlargement procedure since I last saw it?

Fuck me. I'm spamming my own threads now.

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Just now, StanLCFC said:

xD yeah mate gets bigger as each day goes by

The NHS really is a service to cherish

1 minute ago, StanLCFC said:

like batard does with keely?

She posted them. I never forgot them!

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1 minute ago, Tsubasa said:


Man, you all look so happy, even the dog! Good on you!

Cheers! I think this was taken the day we bought our house, so we had a lot of reasons to smile. 

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31 minutes ago, Tsubasa said:

Not my pet per se, but he visits me every day. His "owners" are dumbfounded as to why he's so friendly to me, as he's usually very shy and easily startled. So I guess he's half my pet. 


I've got two ginger cats next to me who are the same. They would come in if i left the door open.

Im a massive animal lover. Hate it when people are cruel to them. If it were up to me if someone abandoned an animal I leave them in the middle of the Sahara desert.

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On 3/7/2017 at 23:01, Stan said:

i don't have any :( 

missus wants a dog when we have our own place. 

my mate just got a cross-breed dog though. think it was this


i wouldn't mind a labrador or an alsatian 

Cockerpoo's or Poo Poms or whatever they are bloody called are not proper dogs mate... 

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Just now, Bluewolf said:

Maybe he is just into your riffs mate... 

Nah he usually fucking hates when I plays, the volume has to be just in the right spot on the amp for him to not fuck off to the next room over. If it's too quiet he'll hear the sound of the pick on the strings and he hates that, if it's too loud he hates the amp just generally. He likes sitting on the amp after I've just played though, because of the tube warmth.

So if I'm playing and he starts doing this, he's telling me to shut the fuck up with the guitaring and to give him some pets xD

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