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How many plug sockets are in your house?

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Too many to count. Could be 40 , maybe more.  But houses in Canada and the US have much more outlets than the houses I have stayed at or lived in in the UK.  There every few feet, 5 or 6 in a room and they are all double plugs.

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12,  what I do however find strange about it is that I have two and three prong multi points where two prongs are never needed ie: the kitchen and in the bedrooms there are no multi point sockets where cellphones and wifi booster etc use two prong.   I can change them but that is a one massive pain in the arse. 

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27 minutes ago, OrangeKhrush said:

I will take this like a game of golf,  the lower the better as it means less chance of a fire. 

Also depends on the size of the property? 


We've got 32 sockets (16 locations) across a 3-bed house. 

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9 hours ago, Coma said:

Rab with the instantaneous response and the exact number.  Been chomping at the bit for this haven't you.

This thread is the reason I started using forums.

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