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Gloryhunter - Euro 2024

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What's this? He's posting a new Gloryhunter game when the other one is still sat there laying dormant and not updated in months? Correct. I'm working on the regular one's results but in the meantime let's get started on GLORYHUNTER - EURO 2024.

This edition of Gloryhunter works in the same way as the regular versions, and exactly the same as the previous Euros and World Cup versions I've ran in the past. But, just in case we have any newbies, here's how it works:

Getting Started / How Does It Work?

  • Each player will be randomly assigned a team competing in Euro 2024
  • If your team wins, you will get 3 points and stay with them for their next fixture.
  • If your team draws, you receive 1 point and get to choose which of the two teams you go to the next fixture with.
  • If your team loses, you receive 0 points and go to the next fixture with the team who have just beaten you.
  • If the team who have beaten you are out of the competition after that game (for example if a 4th place team happens to beat a 1st place team but is still out of the competition afterwards), you are also out of the competition.

The difference is that it's a group stage competition and then a knockout so we will likely lose a few players at the group stage, and then it'll be a race for everyone else to the final. There will be a Euro 2024 winner crowned and immortalised in the Gloryhunter Honours thread, and there will be a Gloryhunter Euro 2024 Champion which is the player who is top of the standings in the table.

So, if you're interested, let me know and once we've got a few players, I'll start to do the draw for the teams - once a team goes, it will not be allocated to anybody else. 

Anybody is free to take part, even if you don't take part in the regular season ones!

(And yes, this is the exact same post as the other editions but with a few words edited and changed - I'm lazy - get over it)

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