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1 minute ago, Kitchen Sales said:

Germans have birthdays as well? Wow. We are a lot more similar than I was taught. How often do you lot have them? We have them once a year.




Usually we celebrate our combined birthdays on 20th of April :35_thinking:

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2 minutes ago, Faithcore said:

Dortmund-Fortuna: Did not watch it but I had a feeling BVB could win this one.

Aubameyang: I think he won't leave this winter.

Schalke thread: Did not read it. 

Thank you, for sharing your infinite wisdom with us, Senpai. 

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On 06/01/2018 at 9:54 AM, Faithcore said:

Thank you, guys!

This is definitely my favourite thread so far. I think from now on I will only post in this topic.


@Tsubasa your plan worked! :D

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3 minutes ago, Faithcore said:

Yeah, it was a very good plan. Makes it more comfortable for everyone to find my postings.

Great plan, now I can upvote your posts more easily!


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