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Thiago Alcantara to Leave Bayern?

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I always thought he'd end up at Man City.... Costa, Vidal, now Thiago on the way out the door? 

Have Bayern reached that point in their cycle when they needed a purge and another team finally get a shot at winning the title?


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Thiago Alcántara would be the answer if Modrić departs which is looking more and more likely due to make in it plainly clear (today he is in direct talks with Florentino Pérez).

But it would be a massive hit to Barcelona if he does go there and is successful. 

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45 minutes ago, Cicero said:

I'll say it again. Barca are going to piss the league. 

I wouldn't put it past Lopetegui to get those talented youngsters at Real playing and being competitive to be honest.  He's a master in this sense, but on paper Atlético Madrid have more of a chance than they do for La Liga along with Barça.

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3 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

Surprosed about Madrid. I always envisaged him ending up one day at Barcelona.

He offered himself to Barcelona this summer and his agent (his dad) held talks... But because it was this present board that let him go and he failed to negotiate before leaving, they hold that against him and thus Barcelona going for other candidates.

It's the biggest failure of this tenure, more so than all the scandals of corruption and the Neymar saga which was full of all sorts of untoward actions.  For this board to have bought back Thiago would've been admitting that they done things wrong and that's why they refrained from doing so.

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