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Huddersfield Promoted To The Premier League

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They absolutely deserve it over the course of the season, they were the only club to push the top two and the only reason they finished 5th was because of the rotation they did in the final games.

Looking forward to another trip there.

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Just now, HoneyNUFC said:

Hilarious club nickname. Let us just remind ourselves what a Yorkshire Terrier is


Well having experienced owning different terriers in the past, you'd best not laugh to hard for the sake of your toes and ankles.

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It wasn't really an exciting choice of teams between Huddersfield and Reading but fair play to Huddersfield. But then again I don't think there's a lot of "exciting" clubs in the Championship.

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Chuffed. Didn't wanna see reading again, and Huddersfield were my preferred team for promotion after Fulham. Happy for Wagner too. Another thing is that Danny Ward should go there on loan again, experience in the PL will be a huge benefit for him and us.

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