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3 minutes ago, Stan said:

Well done to @Cicero!

Top posting for August. Keep it up :) 

We can now cross to live pictures of Cicero celebrating after hearing the news...


I think this should be a proviso for being awarded it 

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That gif is brilliant hahaha

Very much deserved by Cicero. Has been on a rampage this month posting on everything and anything with aplomb. Brilliant comments and very well structured although not long enough for my liking. Also Rando for making the podium again who's maintained top form.

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On 02/09/2017 at 7:18 AM, Lucas said:

Well deserved @Cicero

Couldn't give two hoots about Chelsea, but enjoyed reading your Game of Thrones theories as we drew to a conclusion of Series 7.

Genuinely believe you would tickle Jon Snow's bum with a lump of Celery given the chance.

Heard a rumor that was a lady bum in the stunt double. 

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Cicero i only feel that is fair that you share your award with perhaps the best poster on this forum. Always spot on about his club, always with a quality comment and barely never using emoticons as an excuse for his poor grammar. He is the one and only Teso dos Bitchos, i hope you agree. @Cicero


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On 3/9/2017 at 4:54 PM, The Rebel CRS said:

Well deserved. Always been one of the top posters on here/TFF

I agree. He's a top writer and knows his football.

My only criticism of him is he disappears when he is wrong like Teso does, but its not really a big deal in his case as he doesn't go back to the subject.

Well deserved.

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