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Premier League Table

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4 minutes ago, Cicero said:

3 wingbacks. 13 point lead. 

So each wingback City got cost United around 4 points. 

Not to mention United's inability to score against some lower teams due to City's excessive spending on Benjamin Mendy. 

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3 minutes ago, Kitchen Sales said:

Same can be said about Burnley finishing 7th and qualifying for Europe 

Should probably just split the league into two sections. Have a 14 team league to fight it out for the spare European slot while the top 6 have at it. Would also stop bitches complaining about fixture congestion.

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We are starting to creep up the table a bit. Can't see us catching city, liverpool or utd but if Leicester do what they did last season we might be able to get top 4. Sorry @Stan

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5 minutes ago, man unified paul said:

as a man united die hard fan...... it marks a target on our backs being the top of the league....our games being criticized to the core....we are not taking our feet of thegas....#GGMANU


If manu have anything going for them this season it's that they don't have the target on their backs. I don't hear many given them much chance.

A bit like Leicester a few years ago flying under the radar.

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