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Germany 2-1 Perú - Sunday 9th September

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We're going to lose again. Our players are so out of form that we just wont be able to make our usual magic. With this current squad there isn't a solution.

Luckily its just a friendly, but that makes this a whole headache. If Gareca is going to play the 11 to allow to build momentum or rotate the entire lineup.

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Here is the lineup practiced in training


1. Araujo should really be starting over Ramos.

2. Trauco is going to get massacred by Germany's wingers. Abram needs to play on the left.

3. Are we really going to insist with Yoshimar Yotun? I know there isn't much better, but we've got to try something.

4. Where is Carrillo? He's probably going to decline, but he hasn't yet.

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possible lineups according to kicker.  Germany forgot how to score goals about 8 months ago and I dont think Petersen is the answer.


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So a few changes to projected lineup. Araujo will start over Ramos which is great news. He is one heck of a player and is already surprising Talleres fans in a good way.

Santamaria will go instead of Luis Abram, which I don't mind too much. He was poor the other day but not a disaster.

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Much better performance today. Still a lot of work to do but it wasn't atrocious like against The Netherlands.

Trauco was OK. He was putting in a lot of long balls but defensively was a farce again.

Advincula superb as he has been the past matches.

Gallese. San Pedro, enough said.

Also, I like the duo of Araujo and Santamaria but the latter I would prefer him to get game time before he's an undisputed starter.

As for Yotun, its time to get him on the bench I reckon. I think he's a marvellous player but he's not on a good run of form at all and I want to try and nurture Alexis Arias into the side. 23 years old and should be on the national team.

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