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Hello people, I heard about this site a few weeks ago and that I'd been given an amnesty and have decided to join and see what happens. I don't really have the interest or enthusiasm for football that I used to have and I certainly have less time these days but I'll try and post when I can.

I also can't be doing with the Islam shite, despite everything I posted about it being cast iron fact, as the terrorist attacks are blatant false flags taking us all for mugs. But anyway...

Appreciate the clean slate even if I'm a little dubious as to how clean that slate will be. 

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22 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Welcome Kel,

I joined a few weeks before your departure so I don't think we ever really bumped into each other.

What's the reasons for your love of football fading? The Jose Mourinho effect or the usual modern day shite?

The usual modern day shit. I'm not a big fan of globalism and globalism is deeply entrenched in football, the Premier League in particular. I also thought Moyes wasn't given any sort of chance because he wasn't Davidio Moyesatelli. Then got fucked off with the boring football, selling our best youth players for peanuts and the club being more interested in armchair fans from Asia and America than those on their own doorstep.

The problems were already there when Fergie was still treading water but his departure highlighted the owners' intentions. Sacking managers after a few months isn't what United should be doing, even if they do sign Fellaini

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