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Patrik Schick - Signs new Leverkusen contract until 2027

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Well most Bundesliga clubs, especially RB Leipzig like to give young players a chance. So a talented player like Schick fits that role. While Italian clubs usually seem to prefer more experienced players in their teams.

No doubt that Augustin will definitely be leaving RB Leipzig now. He will probably be joining Nice in France. Schick could turn out to be a great signing for RB Leipzig, if he rediscovers his form of two three years ago. Back then he was the player that all of the top clubs in Italy wanted, he was the hottest property in Serie A. Schick is definitely a real talent, but he seems like he is one of those players who needs encouragement and guidance. He needs to work on getting his old form back, maybe a change of environment can bring the very best out of him. RB Leipzig will be hoping that that is the case.

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I think that Schick will officially join Leipzig just before the Bundesliga summer transfer window closes. I think that this deal looks almost certain to happen according to the various reports.

I am assuming that Augustin will also be sold by RB Leipzig. One thing for certain, is that RB Leipzig have a very good set of forwards for this season. Werner, Poulsen and Schick are all quality forwards.

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44 minutes ago, nudge said:

He just joined Monaco.

Ok, I see, that's interesting. The last I heard a week or two ago,  was that Nice were very interested in him. Just checked what you have said and yes, apparently he is having his medical done at Monaco today. I think that Schick is an upgrade to Augustin right now though. Augustin did fairly well whenever I saw him play, he's pacy, strong, but I always felt that he was rather inconsistent in front of goal.

But Schick seems to have more natural talent. He may not be as fast as Augustin, but Schick posseses amazing ball control and he has better technique in my opinion. He's also probably better with headers than Augustin. Schick has also had his problems at Roma, but Leipzig is another chance for him to fulfil his immense potential. I hope that both these young players, improve their performances at their respective new clubs.

PS, I am slowly recovering from a hangover, having only come back home at 6 this morning from a long night out. So bear with me, if I am not at the races today, lol.:66_thermometer_face:;

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The transfer fee that Leverkusen will be paying is said to be around €27 million(£24 million), which is a bit of a bargain if you ask me. Schick has proven himself to be an excellent forward and I think that Leverkusen have found themselves a top class player.


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