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EFL Cup - Third Round Matches - 24-25th September

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Tuesday 24th September, 2019
Arsenal vs Nottm Forest
Colchester vs Tottenham
Crawley vs Stoke
Luton vs Leicester
Portsmouth vs Southampton
Preston vs Man City
Sheff Weds vs Everton
Watford vs Swansea

Wednesday 25th September, 2019
Brighton vs Aston Villa
Burton vs Bournemouth
Chelsea vs Grimsby
Man Utd vs Rochdale, 20.00
MK Dons vs Liverpool
Oxford vs West Ham
Sheff Utd vs Sunderland
Wolves vs Reading

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1 hour ago, Pyfish said:

I think we will surprise Chelsea, or at least I'd like to think we will. Not sure how Lampard will approach this one but I know we are going for a full strength side and aiming for that fourth round!

Will be interesting to see what squad he throws out for this one, Should imagine he will not risk anyone that even has a slight sniff of injury and maybe we will get CHO back for this... ever hopeful

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Looking forward to the Portsmouth Southampton tie tomorrow.

Been quite venomous in the build up down here, bubbling along nicely and under the Fratton Park lights, rain teeming down and a full house, this is going to be full blooded.

Exactly the kind of tie the competition needs.

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One of the most underrated derbies in the country is Portsmouth v. Southampton. Can't beat the proper local rivalries that don't need manufacturing by TV companies or social media - Rovers v. Burnley, Cardiff v. Bristol City, Ipswich v. Norwich etc. Give me all those before shite like 'random motorway derby' that gets peddled out these days to make us all give a shit about otherwise non-entity matches.

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You’ve got Danny Mills on TalkSport saying it’s not a big derby this Pompey-Soton one. Must be a quiet morning. 

I think there’s potential for a couple of “shocks” this evening. Crawley could easily give Stoke a game, Portsmouth v Southampton is a derby, Everton’s away form is sketchy at best and Watford are quite capable of losing to Swansea. 

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15 minutes ago, LFCMike said:

I was only joking... xD

Anyway, just what's needed here, a confidence boosting win ahead of the weekend :ph34r:

Got to start somewhere 🤷‍♂️.

It would be so us to go and beat City and help you lot get further clear at the top but I think even the massive Evertonness of that outcome is dwarfed by the gulf between our team and theirs.

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4-0! This may be only Forest but we have been incredible today. Brilliant balance all over the pitch and we are absolutely dominating for the first time in a while. Nelson with the finish and another Chambers assist. I was quite happy to see the back of Chambers but he has surprised me so far this season. He deserves to be starting. 

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