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2019 Newcomer of the Year - Nominations

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Who is your Newcomer of the Year?

Who has created a good impression and given stellar contributions over the course of the year or since they joined?

If anyone needs a helping hand, click HERE to see those who have joined since January 1st 2019.

The top 3 members for this award will then go in to a final round of voting.

Nominations can be made until Friday 20th December at 11.59pm, by which time this thread will be locked.


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1st - @Michael - Has been very active since joining in August and is very active in the Bundesliga sections

2nd - @cb_96 - Posted a fair but when joining and seemed decent. Not posted in a while though.

3rd - @HawayTheLads - Sympathy vote for my friend. Made some decent-ish posts so far. Just hope he sticks about!


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