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TF365 Quiz 14 - Name The Player

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Please make sure you have read the Guidelines and FAQ before taking part in the Quiz League - this will only take you two minutes.

Quiz League Round 14 - Name The Player

This is a bit of an experiment, a quiz with an entirely different format. There is no multiple choice here as it would make things too easy. For each question, you are given a list of clubs that a player has played for, in the order he has played for them, and you simply have to name the player. I will be "marking" this manually so it doesn't matter whether you use capital letters, correct spelling, include their first name, as long as it's clear which player you are referring to as your answer. For example, if the question is "Sporting Lisbon -> Manchester United -> Real Madrid" you can just type in "Cristiano Ronaldo" or "Ronaldo" and that'll be fine.

All of the answers are currently active players who are household names or close enough. Loans are not included, so if the answer was David Beckham, the question would be "Manchester United -> Real Madrid -> LA Galaxy -> Paris Saint-Germain", ignoring his loan spells at Preston North End and AC Milan.

Any questions just ask but that should be clear, have fun and good luck!

Click Here to take the quiz!

Access Code: LH5PGL

Round 14 Deadline: Friday 18 August 13:00 (UK Time)

Remember! Don't give away answers in this thread until they have been revealed after the deadline.

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37 minutes ago, Viva la FCB said:

I didnt know the Everton Stoke one. I think that was the only one...I put Cannabis.. maybe im not wrong.


31 minutes ago, nudge said:

It's definitely Cannabis!

I didn't know that one either.

Wasn't it Everton - Sunderland rather than Stoke? I also didn't know that one and one regarding Sevilla i think.

Edited by Berserker
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Yeah i think your right because one was Bayern - Inter - Stoke i doubt there was two Stoke in that. Either way i had no idea on that one. The Sevilla one i only know cus he came through the Bundesliga i nearly forgot he went to Sevilla at all.

Edited by Viva la FCB
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Quiz 14 Answers


1) Chmel Blsany (1999) -> Sparta Prague (2001) -> Rennes (2002) -> Chelsea (2004) -> Arsenal (2015)

Answer: Petr Cech. 87% answered correctly.


2) FC Basel (2007) -> Bayern Munich (2009) -> Intenazionale (2015) -> Stoke City (2015)

Answer: Xherdan Shaqiri. 93% answered correctly.


3) Celtic (2004) -> Spartak Moscow (2010) -> Everton (2014) -> Sunderland (2017)

Answer: Aiden McGeady. 60% answered correctly.


4) Deportivo Pesquero (1996) -> Alianza Lima (1997) -> Werder Bremen (1999) -> Bayern Munich (2001) -> Chelsea (2007) -> Werder Bremen (2009) -> Bayern Munich (2012) -> Werder Bremen (2015)

Answer: Claudio Pizarro. 93% answered correctly.


5) Atlético Madrid (2001) -> Liverpool (2007) -> Chelsea (2011) -> Milan (2015) -> Atlético Madrid (2016)

Answer: Fernando Torres. 100% answered correctly.


6) Rosario Central (2005) -> Benfica (2007) -> Real Madrid (2010) -> Manchester United (2014) -> Paris Saint-Germain (2015)

Answer: Angel Di Maria. 93% answered correctly.


7) Cobreloa (2005) -> Udinese (2006) -> Barcelona (2011) -> Arsenal (2014)

Answer: Alexis Sánchez. 100% answered correctly.


8) Le Mans (1998) -> Guingamp (2002) -> Marseille (2003) -> Chelsea (2004) -> Shanghai Shenhua (2012) -> Galatasaray (2013) -> Chelsea (2014) -> Montreal Impact (2015) -> Phoenix Rising (2017)

Answer: Didier Drogba. 100% answered correctly.


9) FC Basel (2005) -> Schalke 04 (2007) -> Sevilla (2011) -> Barcelona (2014)

Answer: Ivan Rakitic. 73% answered correctly.


10) Lille (2004) -> Newcastle United (2011) -> Paris Saint-Germain (2014) -> Crystal Palace (2015)

Answer: Yohan Cabaye. 80% answered correctly.




I won't tag everyone who got 100% as clearly this round was a bit too easy for some.

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