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25 Named As Possible 2010 World Cup Drugs Cheats (Tevez, Kuyt, Heinze & Ryan Nelson)

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CARLOS TEVEZ, Dirk Kuyt and Gabriel Heinze were allegedly given Fifa clearance to use banned substances, according to hacked documents published today.

The Fancy Bears hackers – who have gained notoriety for sharing medical records of world renowned sports stars – have released lists they claim show how rife doping is in football.

Along with a 150-long list of what they claim are failed tests in 2015, the group thought to be linked to Russia also say they have a Fifa document showing which players at the 2010 World Cup were using banned substances.

It alleges there were 25 players in South Africa that summer who used banned substances under medical grounds – with Tevez, Heinze and Kuyt among those named.

Tevez, at the time a Manchester City player, is named as one of five Argentina players allegedly using Betamethasone – a steroid usually found in cream to treat skin conditions.

Former Manchester United defender Heinze was another – along with another ex-Old Trafford star Juan Veron.

Dutch ace Kuyt, who was in the middle of a six-year spell at Liverpool at the time, registered he was using Dexamethasone, it is claimed – another steroid substance used to treat skin complaints.

A fifth player who has played in the Premier League, Ryan Nelson, was another who it is claimed had medical clearance to use a banned substance.




A major FIFA cover up or breaches for acceptable reasons?

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So far it seems like nothing. Doesn't seem like there's anything performance enhancing uncovered. Don't care about players testing positive for recreational drugs either to be honest especially if it's marijuana. All mainly seems like boring medical reasons.

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2 hours ago, HoneyNUFC said:

the stuff they took is allowed under the regulations and not on the prohibited WADA list so they've not done anything wrong. It's only wrong if they take certain dosages which it doesn't seem like they have.

In the article it also says 'There is no suggestion any of these footballers have done anything wrong.'

Also goes on to say:



Tevez, Heinze and former Manchester United and Argentina midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron were prescribed betamethasone - a corticosteroid with a variety of uses. It does not feature directly on the World Anti-Doping Agency's (Wada) prohibited list, but is banned depending on the strength of the dose used.

Kuyt, who retired from football in May, used dexamethasone, apparently for pain relief because of tooth problems.

Germany international Mario Gomez needed salbutamol, which is a common asthma medication.

Ex-New Zealand, Blackburn and QPR defender Ryan Nelsen, who is listed as 'Nelson' on the published form, declared the use of prednisone, another corticosteroid.


Given the fact they've done nothing wrong, I don't think they can be classed as drug cheats? They were given TUEs and sounds like they followed the correct process to have these medicines. 

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Lol at these Russian hackers. They're still upset about Russia getting caught having the largest state sponsored doping program, so they're trying to release this info to show as if everyone dopes. But all this shows is that some players were given permission to take certain drugs for medical reasons. Which is a far cry from not getting permission to have drugs administered by their state's government.

Russia (and Qatar) should never have been awarded the World Cup. It's a farce.


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