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Adopt a Country! (Smiley Culture Wins!)

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Ever wanted to change your nationality? Ever wondered what it would be like to support a nation that actually turns up in major trophies? Well you've come to the right place. 

In AAC you will be randomly assigned to a country competing in the World Cup that isn't from the nation you were born/support. From there, you will need to follow them closely throughout the tournament as if they win, so do you. 

Each country shall have one member following them (unless we have over 32 participants) and all will be assigned at random. 

Interested? Sign up below. 

  1. Cannabis - Egypt
  2. Stan - Nigeria
  3. Nudge - Serbia
  4. Mel81x - Switzerland
  5. Mantis Ballbag - Sweden
  6. Spike - Uraguay
  7. The Palace Fan - Brazil
  8. Tommy - Morocco
  9. Viva la Bayern - Poland
  10. El Profesor - Croatia
  11. Berserker - Belgium
  12. Dr. Gonzo - Spain
  13. SirBalon - Mexico
  14. Eco - Saudi Arabia
  15. londonerlilie - Argentina
  16. The Rebel CRS - Peru
  17. Deadlinesman - Portugal
  18. Smiley - France
  19. The Artful Dodger - Denmark
  20. Bluewolf - Panama
  21. Danny - Costa Rica
  22. Kitchen Sales - Germany 
  23. Bozziovai - Russia
  24. Machado - Senegal
  25. True Blue - Japan
  26. Storts - Iceland
  27. Lucas - South Korea
  28. Devon - Australia
  29. Anton - Columbia
  30. Rando - IR Iran
  31. Bluebird - Tunisia
  32. Inverted - England


  • 6666 - Croatia
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1 minute ago, Cannabis said:

Nah not really xD I just thought it would be a bit of fun to rather than support England (in my case) randomly start bumming up to Iran for two months.

Almost no effort required, sounds good to me xD 

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1 minute ago, Viva la FCB said:

Sure im in, I enjoy things that I can participate in with minimal effort


also wtf is this emoji lmao :bartrapique:

This emoji speaks to me on an emotional level. 

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Just now, SirBalon said:

Put me in for my neighbours Portugal...

Portugal doesn't neighbour London. If anything u should support Tottenham, as they are your neighbours after you lot moved to North London

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