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Throwback Thursday

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This was when I fell in love with soccer. Was traveling in Milan, Dad and I went to the San Siro to get tickets. Sat on the 'Blue Side', and this happened.


But, recently, this goal I about lost my mind on. Is was the first ever for Atlanta United.


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For Napoli... another one of my favourite goals. It was in the Rafa era (who is still one of the worst managers to manage Napoli in recent times) so we weren't great but still somehow went onto win the Coppa Italia.


Jose Callejon isn't as good as when he first signed now but he still plays an important role in the team.



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5 hours ago, HoneyNUFC said:

It's Thursday so you can post in here again :ph34r:


What better way to start your day than with a compilation of goals by one of the best left footers to grace the Premier League in the 00's



yeah but then this happens


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