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World Cup Best XI

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GK - Pickford/Subasic 

Defs - Pavard, Maguire, Varane, Strinic (?) 

Midfielders - Pogba, Modric

Attacking mids - Mbappe, Hazard, Perisic 

Strikers - Griezmann 


Some tough choices and difficult to leave out Coutinho, Kane (Top scorer!), Cheryshev, Lozano, Inui but says a lot that of the players chosen all finished in top 4 of the tournament. 

Who's yours? 


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10 minutes ago, Happy Blue said:

GK - Ederson (BRAZIL)


RB - Walker (ENGLAND)

CB - Kompany (BELGIUM)

CB - Stones (ENGLAND) defender of the world cup

LB - Mendy (FRANCE)


LW - Bernardo Silva (PORTUGAL)

MF - Silva (SPAIN)

MF - Fernandinho (BRAZIL)


RW - Sterling (ENGLAND)


ST - Jesus (BRAZIL)


Except half of those players didn't play or were rubbish!

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Pretty straight forward to me:


Pavard - Mina - Hernandez

Pogba - Modric - De Bruyne - Hazard

Mbappe - Perisic - Griezmann 


Coutinho, Ronaldo, Ochoa, Lukaku, Pepe, Godin, Cavani, Cheryshev, Golovin, Mario Fernandes could have made it as well.

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15 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Kante? xD poor final performance and it's no coincidence France took over the game after he got subbed out...it's all good, Paul Pogba showed up 


Kante has the best defensive stats in the tournament, and by quite a margin. Pogba only looks good when there are other midfielders doing the dirty work. It is now an established fact. 

In 3 years, N'golo Kante has won 2 League titles, 1 FA Cup, and 1 World Cup 

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Trippier - Varane - Vida - Strinic

Modric - Kante - Pogba

Mbappe - Lukaku - Perisic 

Didn't think any of the central strikers were great but Lukaku I'd say was better than the others that made it to the semi-final. Cavani was impressive before he got injured/Uruguay got eliminated but thought he didn't go far enough in the tournament so Lukaku it is.

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Yesterday I went


Trippier Varane Lovren Vrsaljko 

Kante Modric Hazard

Mbappe Kane Lukaku


After the final would be hard not to have Perisic/Griezmann/Pogba in there but who knows - when's the official one done?

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Pickford (ENG)

Trippier (ENG) - Varane (FRA) - Godin (URU) - Hernandez (FRA)

Kante (FRA)

Modric (CRO) - De Bruyne (BEL)

Mbappe (FRA) - Kane (ENG) - Hazard (BEL)


Subs: Courtois (BEL), Thiago Silva (BRA), Umtiti (FRA), Pogba (FRA), Perisic (CRO), Mandzukic (CRO), Griezmann (FRA)


I found it very hard picking between Kane and Mandzukic. Kane edges it purely on goal total although I think there's an argument to say he was quiet in the last two games for us (not that I blame him entirely, he was absolutely fucked by that point)

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Man these teams they do are just bizarre. Ill use two RB's IDGAF.

Courtois (BEL)

Pavard (FRA) - Varane (FRA) - Mcguire (ENG) - Vrsaljko (CRO)

Kante (FRA)

Modric (CRO) - De Bruyne (BEL) - Perisic (CRO)

Mbappe (FRA) - Kane (ENG)

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1 hour ago, The Palace Fan said:

Lovren xDxD Neymar xDxDxDxD

Other than the stupid penalty he gave up, Lovren was class this World Cup. He’s not popular and it was stupid for him to say he’s one of the world’s best defenders - but he did play pretty well.

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1 hour ago, Stan said:

the official side.

Lloris, Lovren, Paulinho, Neymar and maybe Young are very odd picks. 


I’d take the Brazilians out, maybe swap Lovren out for Umtiti, and probably take Young out but I’m not sure there weren’t any real stand outs at left back.

oh and Pickford in goal.

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2 hours ago, Harry said:

I swear i remember most people  on here slamming griezman as recently as the quarter finals. 

Only reason why I put Griezmann is because I couldn't think of anyone else.

Thinking of it though, I would put Mbappe upfront with Hazard on the flank, rather than having Mbappe on the flank with Griezmann up top. Hazard had a great tournament and barely lost possession of the ball. He's a joy to watch and if I wasn't to include him, then I'd go for Cheryshev.



Neymar and Paulinho in the team? What a laugh. Brazil's best player was Coutinho for a start, although I wouldn't say any Brazilian players should be in it this year.

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