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August 2019 - Member of the Month

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To my own surprise, this member has never been in the top 3 for Member of the Month award and so this win for him is a maiden victory. It was almost a unanimous decision for this member to be given the award. I don't particularly take an active interest in the Mafia Wars events and dare I say, shenanigans and controversies (!), but that's not to say the efforts of this member in running a series haven't gone unnoticed. Further to that, the football posts are usually of good quality and knowlege of his own club and nation's football is respected.

Given that it this member has not won the award before could just be down to luck or being an underrated asset to the forum, but for this month, time for that to change!

Well done to @Machado for being August 2019 Member of the Month!

With the award in the bag, our cameras picked up his reaction after picking the accolade up...


In 2nd and 3rd were @RandoEFC and @CaaC (John) respectively.

Keep up the good work everyone!


P.S. - a personal note to some of our newcomers for their contributions towards keeping this place active so far since joining recently, especially @Michael & @cb_96. And although joining in January, @Pyfish for his increase in activity and Gloryhunter game (and expert predictions!)

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