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How Will The Top 4 Do In The Champions League Next Season?

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I'll say round of 16 for us as it stands but, barring a disastrous window or a stinker of a draw, I wouldn't be surprised to see us make the quarters.

Chelsea will make the quarter finals, but there's no way they're one of the best 4 teams in Europe.

I'm not convinced by City at this point. Round of 16 but that could change depending on their summer business.

Tottenham will be back at Wembley and seem to have a mental block where that stadium and/or Europe is concerned. Group stages.

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to be honest, without knowing who their opponents will be in the group stages of the stage that they enter will be, it's all guess work.

so, my guesses...

Chelsea - quarter-final
Tottenham - round of 16
Man City - quarter-final
Liverpool - 3rd in groups, Europa League semi. 

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This ought to be the best the English sides have done in a long time, but wouldn't be remotely surprised if it was yet another shite effort.

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I'd like to see us do enough to remind people of the way things used to be when we were regulars. 

Liverpool always tending to exceed your expectations unlike in the league.

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Chelsea - Semi Finals. They could even go further. The team is set up well for Champions League IMO.

Man City - Last 16. Think another runner up place in the group will cost them going further.

Tottenham - Last 16. Think they will get out of the group stage the more familiar that Wembley becomes to them from playing league games there but it won't be enough.

Liverpool - Out of the group and into the Europa League with Arsenal. Defending will be exploited in this competition.

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