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Chelsea's Kenedy Sent Home From China Tour In Racism Storm

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429B624D00000578-0-image-m-2_15008135805Kenedy has been sent home from Chelsea's pre-season tour after his offensive social media posts sparked an outrage in China.

Chinese media reacted furiously to his online insults and the ham-fisted attempts at an apology by the 21-year-old Brazilian.

The People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party in China, took up the matter, accusing Chelsea of 'humiliating' the nation and threatening to treat the club as 'persona non grata'. 

In an effort to ease the rapidly escalating diplomatic row, the Premier League champions issued a 'solemn and sincere' apology on their official website in both English and Chinese.

They promised Kenedy would be 'reprimanded and disciplined' and sent him home after taking time to digest the full scale of the reaction in China.

Chelsea arrived in Beijing last Wednesday ahead of a friendly against Arsenal which they won 3-0 in the Bird's Nest Stadium.

When Kenedy came on as a substitute he was jeered by some spectators who were aware of two videos he had posted on his personal Instagram account. 

One said 'F*** China' in Portuguese and the other featured a security guard sleeping against a wall and the words 'wake up China you idiot'.

The posts were quickly deleted and Kenedy hurried out a glib apology on Instagram Stories which meant it expired and disappeared soon after being posted, which served only to enflame the problem.

In its editorial, The People's Daily wrote: 'China does not welcome a player like this, nor does China welcome a team like this.

'Kenedy's absurd comments are not only impolite but also uneducated.

'He has created an incident that has humiliated China, an incident that so many fans simply cannot tolerate.'

Chelsea had committed a grave offence in the eyes of the Chinese. Having been invited into the country as guests they had been disrespectful to their hosts and then failed to show the requisite contrition. 

As the full seriousness of Kenedy's mistake became clear and amid threats from media outlets such as The People's Daily to remove all references to Chelsea from their websites and apps, the champions went into diplomatic overdrive.

A long and thorough apology was released which said: 'On July 22nd, Chelsea Football Club experienced the warmth and friendliness of Chinese fans at the National Stadium.

'However, we were surprised and disappointed that one day prior to the match, one of our young players, Kenedy, posted messages on his social media account that caused great offence and hurt the feelings of the people of China.

'Unfortunately, even though he quickly deleted the messages and apologised, and the club also apologised via our Chinese social media channels, the damage had already been done.

'Chelsea Football Club once again solemnly and sincerely apologises.

'Kenedy's actions were a mistake that he will learn greatly from. His behaviour does not represent the entire team and does not align with the club's high expectations and strict requirements of its young players. He has been strongly reprimanded and disciplined.

'Everyone at Chelsea Football Club has the utmost respect and admiration for China and loves our Chinese fans. 429B62B900000578-0-image-m-11_1500813695





Trying to fill John Terry's boots.

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Surely clubs prep their players for what to do and what not to do when on tour? Its a shame players themselves don't exercise some amount of control on what they post but I suppose that's the joy of being young and dumb.

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Just a waste of a footballer really. When he showed the slightest bit of promise, took the need to stall his progression with poor off the pitch  behavior and devote all his time to his social media as if he apparently someone BIG. 


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4 hours ago, Cannabis said:

His actions shouldn't need "prepping" though. Regardless of how old he is he's an adult and should know the code of conduct when visiting another country and representing his football club.

Apparently he missed that lesson of life as well. What I really don't get is how players dont learn from the mistakes of others and stop doing this silly shit. It really hurts their careers and I fail to understand how they don't get that.

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5 hours ago, Mel81x said:

Surely clubs prep their players for what to do and what not to do when on tour? Its a shame players themselves don't exercise some amount of control on what they post but I suppose that's the joy of being young and dumb.

Not necessarily on tours tbh. I know for a fact that Rugby League players are forever having media training and have people in from the game's governing body reminding them of their responsibilities and their usage of social media. I imagine this is commonplace within Football too. 

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