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Movies you love to be in and why?

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Any of the slow moving Zombie films.. Day of the Dead type.. not those quick fuckers like in 28 days later as I don't have the energy to be running around constantly like I used to.. xD

Would be great to have the peace and quite and to be able to choose any weapon, any mode of transport and pretty much live anywhere and go anywhere I wanted and yea, kill hundreds of flesh eating zombies for fun... 

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2 minutes ago, Bluewolf said:

He would have to be Thanos.. coming in claiming to be for the greater good then wiping out over 50% of it's members and an entire forum.. 

Nah, Chazz is Ragnarok.

Everyone lets him destroy the area while the rest leave in refuge.

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I'd love to go on the hunt for pirate treasure in goonies.

And play on Team USA in mighty ducks 2.

I'd love to be the bad boy to corrupt the molly ringwald character in the breakfast club. 

Or partner up as a sidekick to Jason statham in a guy Ritchie movie and try and figure out what's going on amidst all the chaos. 

 I wouldnt even mind being a bit part player in the Rocky movies just to be in earshot to give Rocky shit for stupidly yelling "Adrian" all the time.. 

Oh and I'd definitely love to try out the theme park in westworld before it went off the rails. 


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