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Something different which you would love to do, I would like to be boss of the Ferrari F1 team. See if I could cut out the poor decision making and cheer Vettel up in the process. 

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Photojournalist, preferably in conflict areas.

Aerospace/spaceflight engineer.

Motorsports engineer.


AI programmer.


Wildlife photographer.

Wildlife biologist/forest ranger.





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20 hours ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

A rockstar that gets paid like rockstars used to get paid, as opposed to how rockstars are paid now in after the era of p2p sharing and streaming. So basically I want to be in Slayer or Metallica, please.

These days your rockstars are the likes of Drake and Justin Bieber. Take your pick :ph34r:

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3 minutes ago, Inverted said:

A musician of some sort. Wouldn't even care about being particularly rich, if I could get by reasonably securely and get to travel around the world paying gigs and making music I'd be pretty happy. 


Are you good with the bagpipes? :ph34r:

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