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Paulo Dybala - Juve to Offer New Contract

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United are embarrassing themselves in this transfer window. There's no strategy. Someone at the club is leaking stories, some are clearly tabloid fabrications but not all. This is not the sign of a club with a plan to move forward with. Woodward is obsessed with keeping United in the news for share value. 

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10 hours ago, CaaC (John) said:


Juventus are willing to sell Argentina forward Paulo Dybala, 25, to Manchester United this summer, provided their demands of between £70m and £90m are met. (Mail)

If that's true we should be all over it, Aguero only has a few more seasons  ..Pep wants Mbappe though

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Just now, Teso dos Bichos said:

THIRTY years !! THIRTY FUCKING YEARS!!:rofl: even Gerrard could not change that. I guarantee man utd's drought wont last that long.

I will take that bet    ...united will not win the title again while you are still alive :hh:  ..every dog has it's day! :bye:

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Every club needs to be cautious with him. The type of player where he will only flourish when the team is built around him. 

He’d do well at Spurs if Poch doesn’t leave. Can play behind Kane. United not so much as they don’t play with a supporting striker and if Ole gets sacked, they are back to square one. 

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You see... This is just ANOTHER example of how Manchester United don’t learn from their mistakes ever since it all changed when the domineering figure of Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down.

What does Dybala fix from the massive problems United have?

Just another name to be added to the growing list of madness!

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On 27/07/2019 at 08:34, Danny said:

Who would have thought that we'd reach a point where everyone agrees that a player should go to Spurs over United if they want a better chance at success xD

It's definitely an interesting timeline we find ourselves in. Especially considering neither win much!

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