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Team Support Request

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20 hours ago, Anton said:

Perth Glory please


19 hours ago, Machado said:

Benfica. Thanks.


Edit: It's already there but it's not showing.


18 hours ago, Berserker said:

River Plate, thanks.


5 hours ago, StanLCFC said:

Happy Blue PMd me saying Man City badge needs to be updated



4 hours ago, Dalmore said:

don't forget about my team please



4 hours ago, StanLCFC said:

AC Milan?


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21 hours ago, Rab said:

Apologies if we haven't already added your team to the list.

Feel free to request your team here and we will automatically add it to your profile when ready.

This is going to sound incredibly picky ... but its Olympique de Marseille. There's a kiss in it for you if you change it. 

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6 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

SirBalon changing allegiance after his side are knocked out of the Champions League. He's everything that's wrong with modern football :ph34r:.


Not changing allegiance mate...  I just want to show visible support for a club that needs it to go to that next step in Spain.  My support for Arsenal FC will never die although I have fallen out of love with the club which has no relevance on my wanting to show support for Lugo though.

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20 hours ago, Ubuntu said:

Wouldn't mind being able to have the option of putting my Location under my avatar. 

Also, would love to see some love for Prussia Munster in the favorite teams category. 



9 hours ago, SirBalon said:

I'd like my Spanish local side that play's in Spain's second division (La LIga 1|2|3) added as I want to show them support...

CD Lugo (Club Deportivo Lugo)



1 hour ago, Aaroncpfc said:

Have last years FA Cup runners up been added? I thought I mentioned it yesterday.

I'll fire the man in charge for you having to wait that long.

All done.

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