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Ugo Ehiogu Dies After Collapsing at Spurs Training Centre

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4 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Long term physical demands on the heart must affect some people I guess. 

He must have started proper football in his teenage years and obviously still does so now aged 44. Around 40 years of constant physical activity may put some strain on some people's bodies?

But humans are agrarian? Are we not meant to have physical lives?

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Just now, Cannabis said:

I'm sure we are, I'm just saying there could be 5% of us that end up having side affects (i.e. - collapsing) after years of physical activity.

I could well be talking shite but it's just a theory as you do see elite sportspeople suffering this kind of thing from time to time.

I haven't heard of it happening as much outside of football.

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It'll probably more likely be disease, who knows how he's lived his life outside of the game or it could just be genes, some people have inherited conditions with the heart that tend to only show up in the middle age when life has take its toll somewhat.

You often find men from all walks of life tend to have ticker trouble in their middle age, although I've usually associated it with around the 50 mark.

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  • The title was changed to Ugo Ehiogu Dies After Collapsing at Spurs Training Centre

I'm still quite shocked. When he collapsed I thought nothing more of it because he seemed like a healthy man mountain of a man that you could mistake for being younger than he actually was. To hear he's passed away is just, well it's shocking, there's no other word.

I always remembered him in the mid nineties to the mid naughties as being a solid, consistent, yet unspectacular beastly figure you could rely on if he was in your team to have a good game. He never got the plaudits of Southgate but I could imagine if he was at your club he would have been some sort of cult hero. That's emphasised in his block on the line in The Carling Cup final of 2004.

He was always Premiership quality. I think that was emphasised perfectly well when he went to Sheffield United at the end of his career and had an instant impact as they changed there season round and very nearly went up. But I think what we know now is how much he had to offer football off the pitch. That's seen with the devastation ex pros like Merson have suffered when talking about him, and the fact he's forged a coaching career for himself where he ended up at one of the best coaching setups at a club he had no playing affiliation with that has an excellent track record of developing players.

Rest In Peace to the big man. The World is clearly a worse off place without him.

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