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Giovani Lo Celso - Spurs complete permanent transfer

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If I were Lo Celso, I'd stay at least another season in La Liga. The difference that last season made to his game is tremendous according to every football journalist. He is a fantastic prospect though but still needs even more polishing up on his game.

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He has been crap, even Mourinho suggested he is not up to the other players in the squad,   wouldn't be surprised if he gets set back in Jan.  Tottenham actually had a very bad transfer window in the summer, none of their new players have come in to form.

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Lo Celso hasn't adapted to the Premier League, but then he hasn't had enough of a run of games to adjust. The same can be said for Ndombele. However I don't feel Lo Celso is ever going to dislodge Dele Alli, a return to Betis wouldn't be a bad decision for all parties. 

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4 minutes ago, Cicero said:

I’m genuinely intrigued as to why a midfield of LoCelso, Ndombele, and Eriksen still hasn’t happened 


Because Ndombele is ridiculously unfit and can't last more than 30 minutes. Eriksen doesn't want to be there and puts no effort in and Lo Celso has been injured

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