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Sheep - Season 6 - The Office

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Sheep - Season 6 - The Office

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This season of Sheep deals with the birthplace of water-cooler talk, the place where the pantry has coffee that always tastes terrible, where moaning and bitching about your fellow colleagues is allowed, the birth-place of email forwards, where everyone thinks the office secretary has the most fun at the annual X'mas party (she kinda does), where smoking a doobie in the parking lot is required to get through the day sometimes, the place where appraisals are talked about later and where everyone seems to love poking their nose into each others business, The Office.

Topics will range from stuff your co-workers do that totally annoys you down to stuff that happens specifically in countries that other people would find just plain weird. 

I'll go with the set from last time

@CaaC (John) @Toinho @Spike @Stick With Azeem @Harry @Pyfish @Stan @nudge @Bluebird Hewitt @DeadLinesman @Dr. Gonzo

Please feel free to tag anyone else you think might enjoy this. If you've never been in an office don't worry it will be terribly easy to answer the questions asked.

Some notes about this edition of Sheep

  1. I have taken feedback and used game-play from previous editions to come to the conclusion that getting people to not use Google is a good thing and I am guessing this is a topic that will enable this quite well.
  2. We will have two bonus rounds this time and both will be point addition rounds. There will be no subtraction of points in this season.

This edition of Sheep will start on January 24th, 2020 (Friday) and it will have the usual five rounds. If you've never played before and read this thread feel free to say you're in and I'll add you to the list. You can always take a look at previous seasons to get a gist of the game and as always if you have any questions please feel free to ask them in here and I or anyone that has played can help answer them for you. 

The Rules

For people who haven't played before the game is very simple, there will be 10 questions asked per round and they may have multiple answers. The goal is to try and answer like the rest of the players. An example is, What is a common accompaniment with eggs for breakfast? And if you and 5 other people answer "beans" then you get 6 points. If your answer doesn't match anyone else's then you get one point. The idea is to gain as many points and get to the top of the list to be the Sheepiest of the lot. 

If there is ambiguity in the question, as is sometimes the case, I will put specific instructions next to the question as I know some of these can be close in wording and I try my best to group them together.


P.S. Can I get an admin for this forum to please pin this post and unpin last season's post please. Thank you in advance.

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