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November Member of the Month

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It's that time again!

So, without further delay ... Member of the month for November is the always measured, articulate and ... well ... just a pretty damn awesome person ... but first let's celebrate with her

Image result for Werder Bremen gif

Congratulations @nudge

November results:

1st - nudge

2nd - @ScoRoss

3rd - @Spike

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Just now, Stan said:

Well deserved! 

I have it on good authority that the first person to celebrate is @Tsubasa in that gif above.

Fore the record, I'm number 22. 

Special mention for @ScoRoss - some great posts this month. 

Number 22 is just "Here I come mofo!"

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2 hours ago, Stan said:

and a big fat steak from me!

I thought you were going to say a big fat something else but you then calmed it down. xD:ph34r:

Nudge is just ACE and nothing else to say on her other than she doesn't seem to be able to post a crap comment even when it's a two word one.  ;)

Spike is also fantastic as I've always said and ScoRoss has been absolutely amazing this month in my opinion. 

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