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How far will Peru go in the World Cup?

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1 minute ago, Smiley Culture said:

Will they even make it through customs with all those cocaine filled condoms up their arse?

Sometimes we forget that the competition is in Russia this year. With that kind of payload think they'll be alright.

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19 minutes ago, Stan said:

you can bet all the cocaine in the world that a member on here will think every single Peru player should play in the top leagues before, during & after the World Cup has been played. 

That's because after the world cup a few will play in top leagues ;) 

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32 minutes ago, Kitchen Sales said:

We can only meet them in the semi finals so fingers crossed :ph34r:

The funny thing is, I would be so confident in beating England. I see a higher chance in losing to a side like Belgium or Morrocco than fucking England

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1 hour ago, VanPaddy said:

With Tapia in midfield, they will go far. 

Why doesn't he play in midfield for Feyenoord, by the way?

He's done well as a CB but some of his weaknesses have been exposed there. I understand they have a good midfield though - perhaps that's the reason?

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Just now, VanPaddy said:

Doesnt fit in at the moment.

I hope Gareca doesn't get involved in that - he wants his players playing in his preferred position at club level and will intervene if they don't.

Let Tapia exercise his versatility I say. Its not like he can't make it in CB. 

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On 1/16/2018 at 17:38, The Palace Fan said:

The more people take the piss out of Peru, the more I think they will knock out England.

I was gutted that England, Peru and Mexico were all in the same pot. Imagine those three and... I don't know, Australia in the same group, this place would be hilarious.

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3 minutes ago, Machado said:

Bookmarking just in case :ph34r:

But we aren't playing England? xD

Even if we go out in the groups, I can always use the "group was harder" or "best team doesn't always win" excuse

And besides, who said England were making it past their group :ph34r:

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