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What makes a big football club?

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@RandoEFC has secretly been begging for this thread while @LFCMadLad doesn't really have too much of an opinion on it.  @Spike has it all sussed out! Or is this an opportunity for @Harvsky to prove that pictures of one's bedroom is what it's all about?

Is Paris Saint-Germain that club with a rich history regarding its demographic or are there other more superficial reasons as to why fans feel their club even if not predominantly glorious in the trophy stakes is Infact a big club for whatever reason they feel?


Debate away my friends... The forum is your oyster and you've all been waiting for this one! :ph34r::eek:

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Being able to Sign players with big long names like 'Kepa Arrizabalaga' then charging up to £5 per letter to have it on a club shirt and fleecing the money from hard up working parents to keep the kids happy and gullible singles with no life... just so you can cover the cost of said expensive signing... 

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2 hours ago, Storts said:

Not needing to have a home stadium and just going on a grand tour of the country winning games

That's all changed now mate... Thought you heard about us not going ahead with the new stadium build for a while, It's all been shelved

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4 hours ago, SirBalon said:

Do you feel the European football fan's outlook on football is classist and elitist?

There is a huge snobbery, and there are different levels of it. The foreigner, the out of towner, the family, the traffic beater, the iPhone/iPad user, wealthy fans, et al. All looked down on by some person or another, for a working class sport it is very judgemental and snobby. 'Who let in them?' Sounds more like an old country club attendee, but even Roy Keane said it.

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2 hours ago, Smiley Culture said:

Whoever’s fans have the loudest collective voice so their dick measuring can be heard the loudest. 

Who ever has the highest post and rep count on forums. ‘With the powers invested in me as MOTM, I declare thee a weapon, a melt, and a plastic. Requiasat in pace.’

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