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What Are Your Plans For Easter

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Had football tonight and hit the pub for a couple but had to drive home. Nothing too exciting this weekend. Got a game on Monday. And may try have a few beers tomorrow and Saturday. My first Easter in 3 years so am hoping for an egg hunt or at least a bit of a chase in trying to fertilize an egg. 

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2 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Going the zoo tomorrow and then going to Goodison on Saturday to see us play Burnley.

Sunday and Monday don't have any plans attached to them although Anton wants me to go on some form of egg hunt with him.

Anton wants you to play with his rabbit...

Image result for rabbit sex toy

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I'm not religious and outside of Christmas (hard to ignore because of how it is deeply saturated into western culture) I find it a little disingenuous to celebrate Easter. It is the most important holiday in the Christian calendar, the resurrection of the messiah.

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Hey, I've been to Chester Zoo before! I don't like the idea of Zoos in general though. 



Anyway, no real easter plans for me. Football, beer and beer, football. 

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Good Friday is probably the most boring day of my year.  Stations of the cross followed by fish and chips. Saturday Sunday its mostly catching up with the family, painting the fence,  having a couple of beers and watching a bit of the football.

My 2 year old got given about 1.5kg of chocolate this year which is fucking ridiculous. I'm going to have to eat basically all of it.

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