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Internazionale @Eco @Spike @Dalmore @Toony
Lazio @True Blue
Milan @AMG @Berserker @Mel81x
Napoli  @SirBalon @Inti Brian
Parma @Eco
Roma @Cannabis @ScoRoss

Post which Serie A team you support and get your name added. I have added all the member I know for sure, but let me know if you are missed. 

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14 hours ago, ScoRoss said:

That would be Roma, seemingly I'm not too biased though 


14 hours ago, Mel81x said:

For all the shit they've gone through in recent years I'd have to put Milan down as the team I enjoyed watching the most growing up. Dad was a huge fan so I got influenced by it. 

Both of you have been added.

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On the threads general topic.. AC Milan for me.

Soft spots for David Platt's old sides.. Bari, Sampdoria & to an extent Juventus.

Especially Sampdoria, who also had Des Walker.

Fascinated in general by Italian football, dating back to when they were legit the strongest league. So also Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina, Torino, Inter. Can't think of any sides I actively disliked. I would relish the live matches on Channel 4, in Britain.

But AC Milan had the 3 Dutchmen. They also had Maldini. Baresi. Papin. 

My 'modern languages' school book needed a cover. So it was a natural choice to opt for a Shoot or Match poster of Jean Pierre Papin.

Kind of sad to see the roles reversed now. My English side have struggled to adapt. Older players & those somehow seen as not quite up to it in the Premier League now appear to be the imports for Serie A.

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