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Ibrahimovic Released by Utd

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Very surprised, obviously expecting his injury to damage his career otherwise he'd have been worth a punt for another season given the goals he's scored.

Be interesting to see where he ends up next.

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2 hours ago, Saturdays Are For The Boys said:

I think he should go back to Italy. It's where he entered his prime in dominance.

I think it depends how crocked he is. The Serie A is considered much weaker than it was in the early 2000s and definitely much weaker than it's Glory days of the 90s... but it's still a tough league defensively. I have no doubt he's got the quality to make an impact, but it could be much harder if he's physically past it or constantly playing in pain. It's probably better if he plays somewhere he can regularly play because even though he played for United, he's still a fun player to watch (although I hate him for going to United). But obviously he should play at the highest level he still can.


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16 minutes ago, Tanksie said:

17 goals 5 assists with 300 less minutes on the pitch than Diva Costa. No one is saying he did a bad job

Saying he conquered England when his team finished 6th and a squad that cost nearly 300 million  is downright laughable. 

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1 minute ago, Tanksie said:

What part of Manchester united finishing 6th was his fault. Remind me. I only recall him dominating games, mostly by himself with fuck all help from the team, then getting injured sadly.

Reckon the amount of games they drew at home had something to do with it. Herrera had more of an influence in the side than Ibra did. 

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This is such a shame, to be honest. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a wonderful player, class striker. It's sad to see that most likely his career at the top level of European football is over, but obviously it was inevitable that time would eventually come. 

My money is either on a move to the MLS or perhaps back to Malmo in Sweden, where he always said he wanted to return one day and retire there.

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On 10/06/2017 at 1:26 PM, Large said:

I read that he was offered an additional year but refused it due to the injury. If true then props to the fella.

The way his agent was talking in an interview it was: "Zlatan wants to stay in England, United want Zlatan, but lots of teams want Zlatan, so United will need to make an attractive offer". So I doubt it. Was hopeing they'd tell him to get fucked after hearing that.

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