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TF365 Quiz 11 - Money Talks

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Please make sure you have read the Guidelines and FAQ before taking part in the Quiz League - this will only take you two minutes.

Quiz League Round 11 - Money Talks

With another unthinkable world record transfer on the brink of being completed, this quiz tests your knowledge on the biggest transfers in football history and some of the players involved, with a few club record signings thrown in to mix things up. There are a couple of very obscure questions here so don't go in expecting to get 9 or 10 correct, good luck using your educated guesswork to puzzle these out as best you can. Enjoy!

Click Here to take the quiz!

Access Code: 8HHG

Round 11 Deadline: Sunday 6 August 15:30 (UK Time)

Remember! Do not give away answers in this thread until they are revealed after the deadline!

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Yeah that was a challenge. God knows what the answer was regarding the two foreign players, and what Italian club that bloke transferred to, completely guessed the West Brom player transfer and as for the last one regarding the goals, again, pure guess.

Fear the worst if I'm honest.

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Quiz 11 Answers


1) Pogba’s world record transfer to Old Trafford last summer marked the first time Manchester United broke the world transfer record. Who were the last English side to break the record?

D – Newcastle. The last time an English club broke the transfer record was when Alan Shearer moved from Blackburn Rovers to Newcastle United in 1996 for £15m. Despite their reputations, Chelsea and Man City have never paid a world record transfer fee, while Arsenal haven’t broken the record since signing David Jack from Bolton Wanderers for £10,890 in 1928. 50% answered correctly.


2) Liverpool’s signing of Mohamed Salah last month saw them set a new club record with a fee of £36.9m. Who was Liverpool’s previous club record signing?

A – Andy Carroll. The £35m move for Andy Carroll in January 2011, funded by the £50m received from Chelsea for Fernando Torres, stood as Liverpool’s transfer record for six and a half years. 88% answered correctly.


3) Willie Groves’ transfer of £100 in 1892 was the first recorded world record fee. He moved from West Brom to which club?

B – Aston Villa. Adjusted for inflation since 1892, this £100 transfer is worth the equivalent of £13,250 today. 75% answered correctly.


4) Diego Maradona made back-to-back world record transfers, moving from Boca Juniors to Barcelona in 1982 for £3m, then from Barcelona to Napoli in 1984 for £5m. Which other player has moved for a world record fee more than once?

C – Ronaldo. The Brazilian striker moved for £13.2m from PSV to Barcelona in 1996, before moving onto Internazionale for £19.5m the following year. 56% answered correctly.


5) Denílson’s world record £21.5m transfer in 1998 was the first time a player moved for over £20m. Which Spanish club signed him from Sao Paulo?

B – Real Betis. Denílson never truly lived up to the tag of a world record signing, despite spending seven years at Betis. He went on to become a bit of a journeyman in his later career, turning out for Bordeaux, Al Nassr, FC Dallas and Palmeiras among others. 69% answered correctly.


6) Before Paul Pogba’s move to Manchester United last summer, Real Madrid had broken the transfer record five times in a row, including moves for Zidane (2001), Kaka (2009), Cristiano Ronaldo (2009) and Bale (2013). Which player is missing?

B – Luis Figo. Figo’s transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid in 2000 broke the transfer record at £37m. This was the second time the world transfer record was broken that summer after Hernan Crespo moved from Parma to Lazio for £35.5m. 88% answered correctly.


7) Which player commanded the highest transfer fee ever paid by FC Barcelona?

B – Luis Suarez. The £75m fee paid by Barcelona to Liverpool for the Uruguayan narrowly overtook Neymar’s £74m fee in 2014. Ibrahimovic was signed for £37m plus Samuel Eto’o in 2009, while bringing Fabregas back to the Nou Camp in 2011 cost the club £35m. 56% answered correctly.


8) Bernabé Ferreyra was the first non-British player to move for a world record fee in 1932. What was his nationality?

A – Argentine. Ferreyra moved from Tigre to River Plate for £23,000, where he scored 187 goals in 185 games. The forward also ended up having a movie biography made about his life. 69% answered correctly.


9) Hans Jeppson’s transfer in 1952 was the first of many times the world transfer record was broken by an Italian club. Jeppson moved from Atalanta to which other Serie A side?

C – Napoli. This was the first of three occasions where Napoli have paid a world record transfer fee, the others for Savoldi (£1.2m in 1975) and Maradona (£5m in 1984). Savoldi’s transfer was also the first time any club broke the £1m barrier. 13% answered correctly.


10) As Neymar completes his move to PSG for another new world transfer record fee, he ends his time at Barcelona. How many goals did Neymar score for Barcelona in all competitive competitions?

D – 105. Neymar’s first goal for the club came in the 2013 Supercopa de Espana against Atlético Madrid, and many more followed, the last of which was his strike in the 3-1 Copa del Rey final victory over Alaves earlier this summer. 44% answered correctly.




Congratulations to @Spike, @Anton and @Cure who share the top score in this close round.

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