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The Stoke City Manager Sackathon

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Mark Hughes' time at Stoke has once again come under intense scrutiny after he rested players against Chelsea (tweet below) in order to beat Newcastle and lost. He's also just stormed out of his post match press conference fuelling the fire that his time at the Bet365 Stadium is over. 

Who is your bet to take over? Koeman? Monk? Giggs :ph34r:?


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I mentioned Hughes in the thread managers stealing a living. I’m even more convinced he has been dining out on marginal yesteryear ‘success’.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him rock up at Southampton if they fire Pellegrino. The problem I have with Hughes goes back to his QPR days. He wouldn’t ever accept responsibility for anything, certainly not how inept Mark Bowen and his coaching team were. All in all very mediocre and managers like Hughes are only stopping other managers  making a step up. To be fair; at least if Stoke failed with a manager prepared to try new things instead of an dinosaur with an awful record of Imploding at every club he’s been at ... well, Fulham aside 

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4 hours ago, RandoEFC said:

Paddy Power are taking bets on this. They've got Mancini as 9/2 favourite. Rodgers and Dyche 6/1, Koeman 8/1, Tuchel, Jokanovic and McClaren 10/1.

I can't possibly see why Dyche would go there. Or many of the others actually apart from McClaren.

Why the fuck would Rodgers leave Celtic, which is probably one of the safest jobs in the history of management (especially nowadays) for the thankless task of getting this stoke side to perform? Same with Dyche (as you said) - why in the fuck would the manager of a team that's clearly overperforming go to a side that's desperately underperforming? Money? Maybe... but ultimately Dyche can use this season to earn more money for himself in the future while if he's shite after walking into a shite job he's taking a massive risk.

I could see Mancini coming to Stoke if they offered him some serious cash and gave him money to spend this summer. Stoke's a shithole, but I'd rather be there than St. Petersburg (although that might be incredibly harsh on one of Russia's biggest cities just because it's in fucking Russia). I could see Koeman going there because his reputation has taken a battering and he's only going to fix that by getting into management again and not being shite. Or Jokanovic because he'd cut his teeth in the prem. Could never see Tuchel coming to Stoke though.

But realistically out of that lot, you'd expect McClaren to be the most realistic... which is pretty shite for Stoke.

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Just now, Kitchen Sales said:

Stoke have confirmed Hughes will remain in charge for the Coventry game whilst they do some thinking xD

imagine the fume if they lose that.

they'll be out in force like this

Image result for stoke deadline day gremlins

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4 hours ago, Kitchen Sales said:

Just seen MOTD. Did Butland deliberately let that 2nd goal in 🤔

I thought that as well. Some of those chances they missed at the end as well are unbelievable.

Can't say this is undeserved. Stoke fans I follow on Twitter are collectively absolutely buzzing about this. Correct decision for me too and I do agree with your general assertion that if the majority of the fans want a manager out, he should go.

They're going to have to think outside the box. All of the obvious candidates have been snapped up.

I reckon it'll be Koeman, but my god his reputation would absolutely crumble if he took them down.

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If I was Gary Rowett, I wouldn't go to Stoke.

He's doing so well with Derby at the moment. He's built a solid base and got Vydra firing again. Currently, they have a great chance of going up. Why ruin that? I could understand it if we were talking about an Everton, West Ham or someone like that. But Stoke City?

Not a wind up but in my opinion, Derby are a bigger club than Stoke. He should totally stick where he is.

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6 hours ago, Batard said:

Agree with that. But maybe in the summer when they’ve achieved safety. 

I don't believe it'd be until summer, there was chatter that Lambert might come in to keep them up but.... ya know might as well keep Hughes at that point.

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  • The title was changed to Paul Lambert Hired as Stoke Manager

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