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What Social Media platforms you use the most ?

football forums

Which ones and for what reasons ?  

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  1. 1. Which ones and for what reasons ?

    • Facebook
    • Whatsapp
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • Instagram
    • Reddit
    • Online forums
    • Snapchat
    • Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and Others

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Facebook - it's a bit shit these days and generally just keep it for photos/events and birthday reminders.

Whatsapp - obvious reasons.

Twitter - by far my preferred choice of social media. Easily accessible to talk to people about things in common i.e. TV programmes, football matches, news & politics (although this can get quite messy), and pretty much anything.

LinkedIN - used to use this more often but not looking for a job and only ever update it every few months if I go on it.

Instagram - I like to post every now and then. 

Online Forums - only ever use this and an LCFC forum.


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Facebook - Mainly for the family and a few friends and I help my mate out as an Admin on a Man United site.

Twitter - For football snips really and TV & Movie gossip like keeping up with Peaky Blinders that LADbible shows.

WhatsApp - Only for family and a few friends, using the Video Call is a lot safer than Facebook Video Call, to me, anyway. 

On-Line Forums - For in here and a few more sites I have been a member for years.

Google - Use that a lot if I am searching a lot and I normally use Wikipedia for searching topics

NASA - I have been a member of the NASA site for years and as I love Astronomy and anything to do with Space then that is the Bees Knees

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I'm mostly a passive user on most of the social media I use with the exception of online forums; I barely post myself if ever.

Facebook - for keeping in touch with family & friends (mainly Messenger) + local information & marketplace (mainly groups)

Whatsapp - for keeping in touch with a few friends

Twitter - for information, mostly on motorsports, science & spaceflight 

Reddit - for information, mostly on the same subjects as mentioned above + some country/city subreddits. I love the multireddit feature especially; have a space, science & technology one with 100+ of my favourite subreddits on those topics and so it let's me see the links from all of them in a single feed. It's a massive trove of information with loads of people with different areas of expertise in the comments so I can spend hours just reading and researching deeper and deeper and deeper...

Online forums - my favourite form of online interaction and the only one where I'm still participating actively from time to time. Mainly this forum, Worum (biggest Werder fan forum), NASA Spaceflight forum (love this one for the incredible amount of expert opinion and infos), F1Technical, Autosport forums, and a few other ones mostly motorsports, science & spaceflight related as well.

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Facebook - Think i have made 2 posts in the past 12 months, but it's great for seeing pictures. 

WhatsApp - Friends

LinkedIn - Professional wise, it's important. 

Online Forums - Only this. 

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7 hours ago, The Rebel CRS said:

MSN and Bebo were the best. 


MSN was THE best thing when growing up. 

Used to get madly hyped when they added the feature that you could show what you were listening to on Windows Media Player xD

Group chats went mental within seconds. 

Indirect messages or quotes in your 'status'. 

The iconic sound of a message popping up. 

Those were the days... 

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I use Facebook messenger constantly, almost everyone I'm in regular touch with is through that. Facebook itself I browse a little, but not much.

 I browse Twitter loads but I've never posted it on it. 

I post on Instagram once every couple of months. I browse it a few times a day. 

I use WhatsApp for people I don't have on FB, which is mostly older family members, and girls I've just met. 

I have a LinkedIn, but I've not done anything with it since I got a job. Was only updating it previously because I knew law firms will look for your LinkedIn when you're applying and it's a chance to big yourself up.  

I browse Reddit a bit, but only for a few specific subreddits to do with games/bands I like. 



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Facebook for friends and family and general stalking, as well as the great communities for teaching ideas and resources.

whatsapp for soccer club and some others

snapchat for gf and a few mates 

Instagram for photos

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I used to use Facebook, but I've stopped and removed the messenger from my phone. Facebook was cool once, but now it's just a source of irritation for me. If they could add a dislike button, that would be great.

But I still use two other Facebook platforms, unfortunately: WhatsApp and Instagram.

I use WhatsApp to keep in touch with all of my friends from back home since it's what we all used instead of SMS texting... and it still works the same way no matter where I am in the world (except China, but there's a VPN fix for that). So that's handy for talking to friends/family daily. Weirdly, nobody in the US ever uses WhatsApp (at least it seems like it) so it's really just my link to home right now.

Instagram I like because it's what I used to like about Facebook without the extra crap. I think I forgot to vote for Instagram on this though. But Instagram's good for photos and memes.

I never liked snapchat because my memory isn't good enough to remember what the fuck I'd sent to people. So then I get responses to what I'd said or what I took a picture of... and I'd never fucking remember what it was. I've heard they've allowed messages to stay visible for longer, but fuck it... I don't see the point in using Snapchat when Instagram exists and that's what my mates use.

I like reddit, even though it's a waste of time. I've got a twitter but I never fucking use it because I don't see the point and generally I find twitter posters to generally to have less sense than the comments on a YouTube video.

However, at the same time... fuck every single one of these social media sites. We, the users, are the product they're selling - and their customers are all of the companies out there that want to use our data to exploit us. I don't believe in hell, but sometimes I wish I did so I'd feel reassured that Mark Zuckerberg would be spending eternity there.

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Forums : Only this. And a Vintage porn forum. 

Twitter : For interesting links, jokes and news. For me it's the best source of news, especially in a country like India where 90% of mainstream media is left-wing and pro-previous regime. The quickness in which fake news or false narratives are taken down there is good. 

Left Facebook several years ago, after an ex started harassing me post breakup. Used to be on Orkut before that. 

WhatsApp is only used for messages from office (for work related stuff) or family. 

Don't use any other social media platform.

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WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook. That is all. I rarely use twitter, except when I post some links on here. 


MySpace was the shit. Always looking for that profound profile song, that makes everyone realize how deep and interesting you are, making sure your "top friends" are always in order. Good times. 

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