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How Long Will Liverpool Stay Unbeaten?

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2 hours ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

Honestly I can’t see Ole getting his United to attack us without conceding more goals. He’ll do what they did last season in the match where he was manager.

If Newcastle draw with them today I guarantee he will have to go for it and that will probably be bad for them because it will end in the same way it did for Jose.

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Next 6 games -

A v. Man Utd

H v. Tottenham 

A v. Aston Villa

H v. Man City

A v. Crystal Palace

H v. Brighton

I can't see Liverpool losing at home especially as Tottenham & Man City don't look great at the moment. You'd expect them to beat those away games as well. Don't think they'll win all 6 but I can't see them losing.

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28 minutes ago, Harry said:

Why did you do this @Stan? Why? o.O

Doing it before you played us would make sense, but there's no upside for you now, you've just fucked us for no reason...


I can happily use the reason of Klopp's outburst after the game and Mane's dive thank you very much :D


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Tbh we always play like shit against Old Trafford, and even when they played us last season and it was the beginning of Ole losing the plot after that good start (I believe) they put in a performance against us - they always turn up against us.

I wouldn't be surprised if we dropped points against United away from home. I wish it was at Anfield - because United limping into Anfield with a dead man walking at manager turned out to be very nice for us and Shaqiri put Mourinho out of his misery there. But at Old Trafford I'm never confident - we're basically like Everton at Anfield there, even though United are poo poo right now.

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51 minutes ago, The Artful Dodger said:

Tough run of games now, then there's the fixture pile up round Christmas when they go to Qatar. Still extremely tough task to win the league, never mind be undefeated. 

I dont understand why me and you sometimes clash because most of the time I agree with you xD

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