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Why do Bounty chocolate bars get so much stick

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17 minutes ago, tlr said:

They get stick because they are absolutely fucking rancid, wouldn't eat one if I was starving to death. 

No desire to indulge into the deep mystical tastes of paradise. 

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49 minutes ago, Harry said:

Coconut is polarising. For me coconut makes any dish worse. It's the reverse of salt.

I get the mixed pack of  bite sized Mars Snickers bounty etc but always throw the bounties away.

What a waste. Even if you don't like it give it to someone else xD


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On 21/06/2019 at 22:07, Inverted said:

They're good but I can't stand the shredded coconut getting into my teeth if I'm out and about. 


This is it. Personally I think they taste alright and I'll eat them but the texture of the coconut is annoying compared to the rest of the tub of Celebrations.

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