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Fiorentina Captain Davide Astori Found Dead In Hotel Room

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Peru's most important journalist just died 2 weeks ago from this condition. He was 48 and now Astori at 31 passes away from it. Makes you really think to enjoy life to its maximum, because we can go anytime.

I remember Astori mostly from the 2013 Confederations Cup where he scored that free kick vs Uruguay and put in a few good performances.

I can't imagine what his teammates are going through right now. RIP Astori :( 

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Very sad. I remember when the Bolton player collapsed a few years ago. I'm pretty certain there are lots of tests. We things are undetectable I guess

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There's a lot about the human body we just don't know yet.  

It's always shocking when things like this happen, if the fittest among us can succumb then any of us can. It's horrible to think about but it is incredibly rare for this to happen, which makes it even sadder for his family and friends. 

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The Colombian Carlos Sánchez who's on loan from Fiorentina to Espanyol collapsed in the warm-up before their game against Levante when he was told by a fan about what had happened to Astori who was apparently a great friend of his.  So badly did he take it that he lost consciousness and had to be taken to hospital and obviously missed the game.


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