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West Ham Agree £24m Deal For Arnautovic

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2 hours ago, Cannabis said:

West Ham aren't half panicking, they've literally bought another Robert Snodgrass just with a better name. 

He's said goodbye to the players and staff at Stoke so the chances are this story is true, he'll be playing at the London Bowl next season.

At least Snodgrass can take a FK and knows he is a winger. 

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17 hours ago, HoneyNUFC said:

To be fair I think West Ham are firmly cementing themselves as top 10 and shouldn't have any flirtations with the drop.

You could have said the same for QPR when they came up.

Cesar, M'Bia, Rémy, Granero and Ji-Sung Park? Quality, Cesar was one of the greatest goalkeepers around at the time and I remember it shocking me every time I read it. They still put Robert Green in goal but still. QPR shouldn't have been relegated but in reality they just didn't work together.

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I think it must be a typo and they keep forgetting to put the decimal point between the 2 and the 4. Even at £2.4m from what I've ever seen of him it would be too much. Not happy with this. Let's hope I'm proved wrong.

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1 hour ago, Cure said:

Apparently Stoke are lining up Ashley Young as their replacement for Arnautović. I see they're resorting to signing bellends. Jack Wilshire is next.

I saw that and I'd take both. If we can sign both for the amount Arnie costs that'd be great. 

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Ashley Young would be a decent signing for Stoke if he can stay fit. But he seems like the type of player happy to stay on higher wages at United to play the occasional game as a makeshift full back. Another English player letting his talent go to waste.

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Ignoring the fee, he's a solid player. Knows the league, can play in a variety of positions, get's goals. I don't see much wrong with it. Yes the fee is not realistic but that's the case for a lot of the signings these days.

I actually think Stoke to fight relegation could be a real shout next season. On the field, Stoke to West Ham isn't a massive jump in quality, only size of club and potential. It's not really positive vibes coming from the Britannia this year.

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