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TF365 Quiz 17 - International Competitions

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Please make sure you have read the Guidelines and FAQ before taking part in the Quiz League - this will take you two minutes.

Quiz League Round 17 - International Competitions

We're back after a hiatus and this one tests your knowledge on various international competitions across the world. With four rounds to go this season, think carefully about your answers!

Click Here to take the quiz!

Access Code: 475W49

Round 17 Deadline: Tuesday 3 October 16:00 (UK Time)

Remember! Do not post answers in this thread until they have been revealed after the deadline!

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Reckon I've had an absolute mare here.

Made some educated guesses with the amount of South American chat there's been on here about the recent competitions. But other than that,I don't think i've done that well because I was caught so off-guard these quizzes are back :ph34r: 

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8 hours ago, Danny said:

30 mins to do ten questions?

Most were guesses but more educated than random.

Default time limit. It tells me how long you took so if someone takes 12 minutes or whatever and gets 10 out of 10 then obviously they've used Google.

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Quiz 17 Answers


1) The 2020 European Championships will be held over several countries for the first time in the tournament’s history, but which stadium will host the final?

D – Wembley Stadium, London. Wembley will host the semi-finals and the final while the other options – Allianz Arena, Baku Olympic Stadium and Stadio Olimpico are all quarter-final hosts. 79% answered correctly.


2) Which of the following is not a route of qualification for the Confederations Cup?

A – Confederations Cup Holders. The 8 teams taking part in the Confederations Cup are the hosts, the World Cup champions, and the champions from each of the six separate continental championships. 43% answered correctly.


3) Which of the following nations have never played host to the Copa América?

B – Mexico. Bolivia have hosted the Copa twice, Uruguay seven times, while the United States hosted the competition for the first time last year. 43% answered correctly.


4) Chile won the 2016 Copa América Centenario, defeating which team on penalties in the final?

A – Argentina. Having won the 2015 Copa América against Argentina on penalties after a 0-0 draw, Chile won the special edition of the Copa in 2016 in exactly the same fashion. 93% answered correctly.


5) Which nation other than Mexico and the United States have won the CONCACAF (North American) Gold Cup?

A – Canada. Carlo Corazzin helped fire Canada to their only Gold Cup title to date in 2000. Jamaica and Panama have both been defeated finalists once, while Costa Rica were runners up in 2002. 21% answered correctly.


6) The United States won the 2017 edition of the Gold Cup thanks to an 88th minute winner against Jamaica by which player?

B – Jordan Morris. Morris scored his third goal of the tournament, leaving him as the joint top goalscorer, to secure the USA’s 6th Gold Cup title. 29% answered correctly.


7) Which team won the 2017 African Cup of Nations?

A – Cameroon. Cameroon’s 2-1 final win against Egypt secured their 5th African Nations title and their first since back-to-back championships in 2000 and 2002. 50% answered correctly.


8) Which of these sides have never won the African Cup of Nations?

C – Senegal. The closest Senegal came to an ACON title to date was their final appearance in 2002. Nigeria are thrice winners while Tunisia (2004) and Morocco (1976) have one title each to their name. 36% answered correctly.


9) Which nation won the last AFC Asian Cup in 2015?

A – Australia. The Socceroos played host to the tournament on their third appearance in the Asian Cup, and defeated South Korea in the final with James Troisi bagging the winner in extra time. 36% answered correctly.


10) 2010 saw the only time that a nation other than Australia or New Zealand won the OFC Nations Cup. Who won the tournament?

D – Tahiti. With Australia transferring to the AFC Asian Cup and New Zealand knocked out 2-0 by New Caledonia in the semi-finals, Tahiti took advantage to win their first OFC Nations Cup with a 1-0 win over New Caledonia in the final. 14% answered correctly.






@Lucas holds a two point lead going into the last three rounds.



Average Standings


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