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Staff team update

football forum

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Hi all,

It's a sad day as Bluebird Hewitt has decided to step down from his position within the staff team. :( We'd like to thank him for his time and efforts. :Wales:

We'd like to welcome ATL in as his replacement.

Welcome to the team!

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7 hours ago, ATL said:

On a serious note, I hate to see Bluebird stepping down, just hope everything is well with him on a personal note.

All's fine. I simply felt that I wasn't active enough to continue as a mod and believed someone more active (especially as the forum is still young) would be better. That and I didn't want to be Chazz or TheManInBlack mark two. :ph34r:

6 hours ago, True Blue said:

ATL should do a great job, sad for Red Dragon.

4 hours ago, Dickie said:

Hope everything works out for Red Dragon as said before, on the other hand congrats to @ATL well deserved.

I'll cut you both. ¬¬

2 hours ago, Dan said:

Less taffs the better. Another day of progression for the forum.


1 hour ago, Batard said:

I concur.

I'll give you both the heads up. Any O'Brien is on his way with petrol cans and a lighter. 


Congrats ATL on the appointment. :D

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