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April 2018 Member of the Month

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We have the clearest outright winner we have ever had on TF365. 

This member was voted top member by every staff member and we think most members will agree with the choice too. An outstanding month and to say it's well deserved would be an understatement.

Well done to @Dr. Gonzo!! 

Personally I think one of the best members on here and as we say to each member on here, keep up the good work!

Live pictures just coming through to us now as he finds out he's the winner for April 2018...

Image result for klopp gif

In 2nd place was @Bluewolf and 3rd was @The Artful Dodger

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Congrats @Dr. Gonzo   ..enjoy! :hh:

Here's a new dance craze that's sweeping the nation
It's called the toxic waltz and it's causing devastation
You're jumping up and down like a psycho circus clown
Slamming with waltzers all the way around
You get caught up in the whip
You're thrown into a flip
You aim for someone's head
To stain the floor red
Give someone a kick
To prove you're truly sick
Bounce back from some blows
And blood runs out your nose


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Didn't know who to expect, but @Dr. Gonzo is the best possible winner this month. Especially with all the Liverpool successes he's been active just about everwhere. Its the first time in a while I can't argue the winner in the slightest. Good birthday gift for him too! (happy belated btw!)

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23 hours ago, Cicero said:

He's turned into @SirBalon with his postings lately. Except unlike Sirbalon, Gonzo's stories are worth reading. 

That's a bit harsh on @SirBalon. Waaaaaaay back in the day on TFF before I got fairly inactive and my posting got significantly more infrequent) I used to do plenty of long posts all the time. I always wondered if they were irritating.

I'm taking your post here as a stamp of approval :) 

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