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Liverpool End Interest In Van Dijk

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Thought it warranted a new topic as it's now abundantly clear they broke the rules and are now backing down (probably on advice). 

Southampton claimed and that brought about an investigation in to Liverpool allegedly tapping up the player.




Liverpool Football Club would like to put on record our regret over recent media speculation regarding Southampton Football Club and player transfers between the two clubs.

We apologise to the owner, board of directors and fans of Southampton for any misunderstanding regarding Virgil van Dijk.

We respect Southampton's position and can confirm we have ended any interest in the player.



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Embarrassing for Liverpool although I think they were about to be absolutely had money wise. I was hearing seventy million earlier. Seventy million!!! Van Dijk!!!

Sign Michael Keane and be done with it.

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Definitely better options out there, £70 million is absolutely ridiculous for him. 

This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Liverpool, I'm sure they'll find someone equally as good as van Dijk for half the price I mentioned above.

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4 minutes ago, Aaroncpfc said:

There's better value for money targets anyway.

Regarding tapping up, is speaking to an agent or asking a player who knows him to find out if he'd be interested constituting as tapping up? It seems like that's how every deal is done these days.

That's my question too, said this in the other thread about how it's clear as day that there are nearly always discussions between a player and the interested party before the clubs (publicly) agree a deal but nobody seems to care about tapping up anymore, with the exception of tapping up teenagers that a couple of clubs have been done for. But then you don't know if you're allowed to gauge a player's interest via the agent or what.

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Good, I would have liked us to sign him but not by blowing 70m of our transfer budget when we need to strengthen other key area as well. We could easily find someone as good as him for 20-30m if we actually fucking look for once instead of raiding Southampton every year.

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