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What Do You Have For Breakfast?

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Weekdays usually weetabix or bran flakes shortly followed by a cup of tea.

Weekends, mainly Sundays, fry-up which consists of toast, beans, bacon, sausages, hash browns and scrambled/fried egg with tea or orange juice.
Tomatoes, black pudding, mushrooms and people's ashes can stay the fuck away from it. 


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- Protein shake and some sort of protein cereal/granola


- Glass of orange juice and a selection from sausage, egg, bacon, black pudding, potato scone & toast

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Egg white, spinach and tropical fruit juice smoothie.

Bowl of oat bran.

2 slices of warburtons protein bread, sunflower spread and strawberry jam.


I feel pretty good since I cut dairy down to 1 glass of kefir a day, got rid of milk and all those dirty whey shakes. It's done wonders for my abs.

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13 hours ago, SirBalon said:

Farley's Rusks (yeah I know :dam:) with warm milk (never boil or the rusks will turn to dough balls in the milk) and a tea spoon of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate powder. Mix all together and aaaaaaah!!! :15_yum:

That sounds fucking amazing.


I have some kind of cheese/carb combo, usually in the form of a sandwich. It's my heroin.

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I don't normally eat anything to be honest.  Always have a cup of coffee but on the odd occasion I do have something, it'll be a croissant or something easy to grab and go.

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On 4/8/2017 at 0:51 PM, IgnisExcubitor said:

Chappati (Indian bread) and tea on weekdays & Saturday. 

One full packet of Oreos on Sundays with tea.

I find that people from the North always have bread and South have rice.


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